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New Season Community Development Corporation was founded in 2007 as a local non-profit organization focused on the restoration of abandoned or distressed properties located in the business corridor stretching from Madison to Rumsey in western Yolo County. Due to the dedicated work by volunteers, several historical buildings have been successfully renovated and now provide valuable space to foster economic growth and attract critical "anchor" businesses to our community.


The "Lindberg" building which currently houses ACE Hardware was one of such buildings. In December of 2018, New Season supported the McKenzie family in the purchase of the Lindberg building thereby supporting local business through property ownership and continued economic contribution to the town of Esparto. The "Adams" building which currently houses the U.S. Post Office, Sheared Salon, Wygold Cafe, Fitness Forever, Esparto Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Stockmeyer Trucking, is another historical building brought back to life in Esparto supporting both small business and the incubation of new start-up businesses in our community. The former "Wyatt" property lots on the corner of Yolo Avenue and Hwy 16 were successfully purchased in May of 2018 and through diligent grant writing and interaction with county and state authorities, New Season has secured a grant to assess toxic contamination on this site and proceed with clean-up. And most recently, an agreement was reached to purchase the "Fullerton" building located next-door to ACE Hardware which will present additional spaces and opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

Many, if not most of these properties would remain idle due to the excessive costs of repair and clean-up required by government regulations if not for these volunteer efforts to restore and promote the purchase by small business owners and developers. New Season Board members view the Almond Festival as a symbol of our communities' agricultural roots, collaboration, and a celebration of growth and renewal. New Season supports the Almond Festival through active volunteer work and by providing free rent and meeting space to the organizations who make the festival possible each and every year. New Season salutes those who are dedicated to enriching the lives of those in our greater community by working together to showcase this place we all call HOME.

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