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Our Community Projects

New Season Community Development Corp., created in 2007, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to provide economic vitality to western Yolo County with an emphasis on the Capay Valley community and downtown Esparto.  Our Board is comprised of committed community activists and is all-volunteer.  As a non-profit, we have worked with residents in seeking catalyst projects that will help revitalize the downtown and bring one or more of its vacant buildings into use while creating local jobs that complement our workforce and agricultural community.  We have received numerous grants and loans including several from IGLCBC, The Yocha Dehe Community Fund and Tribal members, as well as the USDA and other donations.   The following list highlights our many projects:


  • New Season Community Development Corporation (NS) is working to build a local Food Hub in Esparto and has received a $2M grant from the Yolo County Board of Supervisors to support the project.

  • NS partnered with the Farm Stop to bring local farm products to our community. 

  • NS continues to work with the State Water Quality Control Board to remediate the toxins found on the Wyatt property. This work is supported by grants from the State Water Quality Control Board.

  • NS is working to restore the Bank building on Yolo Ave.

  • NS paid for and secured the new streetlights in Esparto;

  • NS secured a grant to spruce up the Post Office and neighboring storefronts in Esparto;

  • New Season worked with the owner of the Wyatt Property to acquire a long term lease so that it can be cleaned up and  developed as a key downtown property and not an eyesore and a hazard. 

  • NS purchased the Adams building in downtown Esparto that includes the Post Office and other rental spaces, focusing on retail.

  • NS is working on other projects that provide jobs and rehabilitate downtown Esparto.  

  • NS also took the Giminez Property, just behind the Esperanza Crossing, as a donation from the family.  We will be exploring various development possibilities for the site.

  • NS spearheaded a project to clean up all the alleys in Esparto.  Recently with the assistance from 40 volunteers, the Esparto Community Services District, the County and Supervisorial staff, nearly half of the alleys were cleared of trash, furniture, brush and tree limbs.  Work will continue until all are cleared, graded and graveled.

New Season projects are about revitalizing our area, helping people help themselves as well as being stewards of the natural environment through recycling.  Education of the local workforce through skill development and incubating new businesses will also lead to real job opportunities. 

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