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Wyatt Property Cleanup


The Wyatt Property is located at the corner of Yolo and Woodland Avenues in downtown Esparto. The Wyatt Property was formerly the site of the Wyatt Building which had to be demolished due to safety concerns on State Hwy 16. Unfortunately, the demolition did not clean up the toxic chemicals left behind from when the site was used to store ag chemicals and fuel nearly a century ago.

This abandoned property was purchased by New Season in 2019 at a tax lien sale thanks to a grant from the Yocha Dehe Winton nation.

After removing the fencing and former cement pad from the rear of the property, the remaining hole was filled in with soil and the surface cleaned up and leveled.

A phase I and II evaluation of this property revealed underground storage tanks (USTs) on the Woodland Ave. side of this property and the Yolo Ave. side. Monitoring wells were drilled at the rear of the parcel to monitor any flow of contaminants. New Season contracted with GeoCon to monitor contaminants and begin a remediation process. Funds were secured from the State Water Resources Control Board.


This remediation process is continuing. Both USTs were located. The one on Woodland Ave. was removed and the one on Yolo Ave. had to be abandoned in place.

One vision for this site is to make a community ‘Pocket Park’ or build commercial storefronts sometime in the future.

We have taken a diamond in the rough and polished it.

Take down the fence party
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