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Murals and other Art projects
2 Artists have been chosen by an expert panel to complete the 4 murals by Summer 2018!  Check back for more information often.
New Season was awarded a Local Impact Grant to create 4 new murals in Esparto. 8/1/17



Participate in an outdoor mural project entitled “Capay Valley and its People”!  With the expert guidance and training from California College of the Arts professor, Eduardo Pineda, a premier international muralist and local nonprofit volunteers preparing the way for you--your artistic submission may become a mural in downtown Esparto.  Esparto is one of many rural unincorporated communities in the Capay Valley made up of the small farm and ranch communities of Madison, Esparto, Capay, Brooks, Guinda, Rumsey and original and current home of the Yocha Dehe Wintun Tribe.  There will be thousands of eyes on your art along Highway 16 and into the Capay Valley.  Your signed art will be viewed for generations.


There are four (4) distinct themes.  View the following YouTube videos to help you envision art appropriate for each theme.

   *Capay Valley:  Its History and Culture

   *Capay Valley:  Farmers and Ranchers at Work

   *Capay Valley:  Families at Play

   *Capay Valley:  Scenic Beauty


This project is open to all artists and hopeful artists over the age of 18 in California, with particular emphasis on Yolo County artists and artist hopefuls, rural communities and underserved communities. 

New Season endeavors to help beautify the Esparto downtown with art projects from local artists or community focused groups.

  1. Below Photographer Susan Cohen Byrne contributed images of Esparto and the Capay Valley for large photographs that were hung on the fence surrounding the Wyatt property.

  2. New Season used a grant from Yolo Arts to engage students from California College of the Arts in Oakland who created murals that celebrate the diverse groups that form our community.

  3. In 2015 New Season joined with other funders and art supporters to set up the 678 Art Street Project, an after-school program for middle school kids in Esparto. 

  4. In May 2017, New Season was again awarded a grant to bring Murals to the buildings and other community areas of Esparto.  This August we will put out a call to artists to apply for the 4 sites that our Art Committee has selected.  By next spring there should be some new beautiful art adorning our town.

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